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freindship freindship
Iam looking for a horsey female 35/40,for friendship etc,pref non smoker.
5 years ago
My equipment My equipment
A little bit of my gear.
6 years ago
Me - Sandra Me - Sandra
Welcome to a whole album ONLY with pictures of me! The first pictures are from 2011, followed by 2012 and the last pictures 2013. So if you want to see the recent pictures of me, you have to scroll a bit. :-) My name is Sandra and I'm from 1997. I have the most amazing horse - Baxter. I also have a cat - Lea. Besides my beloved animals, I also have the sweetest boyfriend on earth - Mehran. <3 My characteristics are; eyes, hair and my nose piercing. I prefer being behind the camera than standing model. I love to experiment and I think the first picture in the album was really good. Meanwhile we walked up to me in our old apartment, I remembered that you could probably get a great picture out of a dark background and a large window. I tried first with my friend and then would I also have one! :-) Please comment. :-D
6 years ago
My model pictures My model pictures
Another hobby of mine is modelling. I don't make mony on this, but it dosn't cost me anything either. I am not born to be very photogenic, so it's a lot of hard work to just get the pictures to look this good xP
6 years ago
Composing for dressage Composing for dressage
Various pictures of myself working on compositions and other relevant images
6 years ago
Springtime 13 Springtime 13
It starts with promenades....
7 years ago
Just for fun:) Just for fun:)
My selection of fun/cute horse pictures
7 years ago
my new equipment, my new equipment,
my new equipment, GPA new extreme. I have even set the stones on John Whitaker pad, waiting for the return from ordering
7 years ago
flyer from foal to adult flyer from foal to adult
just a few more pics
7 years ago
jasper jasper
jasper after opp bless him x
7 years ago
just pics just pics
7 years ago
all our photos of dolly all our photos of dolly
dolly dfrom when she was a foal to the present day
7 years ago
My First. positive steps after Backing My First. positive steps after Backing
Buttons first day riding in the school after backing doing very well :-) little star xx
7 years ago
My life My life
Various pictures of me being ......Just me
7 years ago
My homemade Halter My homemade Halter
I have made my own homemade halter. It´s an old halter, it has been freshend up. There is sewn new fleece and embroidered with the words; My number one. What do you think?
7 years ago
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