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Oldenburg » Baxter Oldenburg » Baxter
Baxter was my part in a few months when they told me he was sat for sale. I got the offer to buy him, and we bought him! I thought his problem with the right gallop only needed exercise, but it needed so much more than that. I will not give up - we will not give up! It goes fantastic with the training! His jump technique is very good and he jumps really good. The dressage is also very, very good. He can now right gallop, but not by a signal, but this is a beginning. We have a long way, but I can see it goes forward. :-) Open in gallery |
6 years ago
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Me - Sandra Me - Sandra
Welcome to a whole album ONLY with pictures of me! The first pictures are from 2011, followed by 2012 and the last pictures 2013. So if you want to see the recent pictures of me, you have to scroll a bit. :-) My name is Sandra and I'm from 1997. I have the most amazing horse - Baxter. I also have a cat - Lea. Besides my beloved animals, I also have the sweetest boyfriend on earth - Mehran. <3 My characteristics are; eyes, hair and my nose piercing. I prefer being behind the camera than standing model. I love to experiment and I think the first picture in the album was really good. Meanwhile we walked up to me in our old apartment, I remembered that you could probably get a great picture out of a dark background and a large window. I tried first with my friend and then would I also have one! :-) Please comment. :-D
6 years ago
Dragør Market (Denmark) 9-6-2013 Dragør Market (Denmark) 9-6-2013
Baxter and me to Dragør Market in Denmark. The first time for the both of os. He did it really good! I am very proud of him. <3
6 years ago
Dressage competition 11-5-2013 Dressage competition 11-5-2013
A good horse with a fine result. Baxters first competition outside. I forgot the program, but a very nice day! Club Competition dressage LD2 in Kastrup-Tårnby Riding Club - 11-5-2013. 62.778 % = 9/11.
6 years ago
Dressage competition 6-4-2013 Dressage competition 6-4-2013
The first competition ever in Baxter's life. He was a dream! I am so proud of him. Club Competition dressage LD1 in Kongelundens Riding Club - 6-4-2013. 66.00% - 3/8 = 3 place.
6 years ago

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You're 14 years old. Talk to your parents first. ;-) They can help you.
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