Damn i love that horse! <3 Starting to look so good. Getting muscles too! First time ever jumping, so proud

Emma Lindgreen

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Sex: Female
Age: 21 years
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Norwegian Fjord Stella Norwegian Fjord Stella
I ride Stella a few times a week for Mette who I work with. I started riding her during the Christmas holidays, and since then had a few solid days of the week. If Mette is on holiday, Im also the one who rides her. Stella is really lovely and could not hurt a fly. In the stable she can stand without being tied down She is really nice to ride on. Dont do anything. Currently, she hasn't got too much balance, which means we can not gallop so much , but we are well on our way. In the beginning I only rode in the nature and on windy or raining like crazy, she says nothing to it. All in all, Stella a very nice pony and I'm so glad I get to ride her! :) Open in gallery |
6 years ago
2006 6 6 years ago
Riding Pony Nørretelling's Ballou Riding Pony Nørretelling's Ballou
Ballou is a young horse owned by Henriette balling, whom I've been allowed to train with. He was born on 29/5 2010. The reason I've started to train him, is because the former horse i trained Vanity was stabled at Nørretelling and Henriette had seen how I had been with Vani which she liked. Ballou is very raw and nervous, because he haven't really been in hands for a few months. He is very restless in the stable when he's alone, and a bit calmer when there are other horse but I think that once I've been out there a few times he'll get used to it and become more calm. My plan for him is that over the winter we'll just get know each other and make a lot of ground training and when it warms up I'll start to ride him. Open in gallery |
6 years ago
2010 8 6 years ago
New forest Vangsgaard's Vanity [Heavenhorse] New forest Vangsgaard's Vanity [Heavenhorse]
Vanity for daily called Vani is my friend's pony. I'm their regular photographer and competition slave and i often look after her when her owner is on a vaccation. My friend got Vani the first of may as a confirmation gift, and since then I've helped them almost every day and at competitions and many other times. I've ridden her a few times and she is just lovely! Open in gallery |
7 years ago
2004 21 7 years ago

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