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Falabella Bella La Princesa Pequeña Falabella Bella La Princesa Pequeña
Bella is my new little horse. She is my first Mare, and my plane with her is that she and Magic (one of my stallions) shall get af foal together :) But actually we aren't sure if she's already pregnant with som other because her stomach is a kind of "foal" like. She is af VERY nice little girl. You can do everything with her. Like a small dog :) She is jumping over all what she see. A little champion jumper! :D Open in gallery |
8 years ago
2007 27 8 years ago
Danish Warmblood Gørklintgårds Flash Danish Warmblood Gørklintgårds Flash
Flash was born 8th of maj 2001. He is a big boy and stands around 17.2hh. He is a bay with a small white star on his head and two white socks. He is very nice and is amazingly easy to handle. He loves to cuddle. Flash was supposed to be my next dressage champion, but we had a rough start. A month after i got him he was kicked while grazing on the field, and he broke his leg. He had to be kept at rest in his stall for 8 months and wasn't allowed to be ridden or graze in the field. So here I was with a new horse who I couldn't get to know yet because he was confined to his stall. Finally in september I was allowed to start training him again. It was a tough and long process but everything ended up well. Sadly I have now gotten nervous about riding him and everything is once again on standby. After a break we will start up again nice and slow and go back to the basics. I still hope he one day will become my next dressage horse and we will compete on the level I have been dreaming of reaching some day. Open in gallery |
8 years ago
2001 39 8 years ago
Friesian And They Named Him Lucky Friesian And They Named Him Lucky
Lucky is my first friesian. He is from april 2011. He came to my home on september 28th 2012. He took the move very well. He eyed the trailed and then went straight up. He was calm the whole trip. All in all an easy boy to handle. I wasn't meant to be buying another horse. We were visiting some friends in order to buy fresh meat. We decided to go say hi to all their friesians. He caught my eye straight away. I stood and cuddled with him for a while and couldn't get myself to leave again. The owners teased me, saying I could buy him. I blurted out: "I will". We made an oral agreement and from then i was the proud owner of a friesian. I didn't know anything about him other than he was 1 year old and had not experienced a lot yet. The rest I will have to find out together with him in the years to come. They named him Lucky, because he was their lucky foal. His dam was seriously ill while she was carrying him. She died 6 month after he was born. Lucky spent his first few months inside the stables and is therefor very tame and affectionate. I have now named him "And They Named Him Lucky" as a reminder of his rough start in life. Lucky does have a really nice character. He is easy to handle and very sociable. Open in gallery |
8 years ago
2011 51 8 years ago
Other Magic Flash Back Other Magic Flash Back
My mom bougt Magic sommer 2009 on a market. He was only 2 years old, and just 69 cm tall. At the first i didn't want him, because he was so ugly and bad all the time! But after some ours i felt in love with the poor little guy. Under his stomach there was big chunks of shit that hung down to the ground.. The man that owned him before hat a lots of poor horses for sale, and all of them was thin and didn't had any water. Magic was in the first year i had him, always angry an depressed. He didn't care about other horses, or people.. But now i've got him for 3 and a half year, and he is completely different. He loves to run with his friends on the field, he is happy and now he also can a lot of tricks! :) One day he shall became a father, to my foal. Magic is my hole love <3 Open in gallery |
8 years ago
2007 66 8 years ago
Riding Pony Felex *Monster* Riding Pony Felex *Monster*
I write that soon! I just can't do that on english right now :) Open in gallery |
8 years ago
1996 24 8 years ago

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Can your horse love you? Can your horse love you?
I think so!
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Strange little stallion! Strange little stallion!
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