last day before he had to leave this world <3

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Norwegian Fjord Hesselbergs Helios Norwegian Fjord Hesselbergs Helios
Helios is a super sweet horse that i'm so Lucky to take care of every Friday, but i see him everyday :) i often ride him when i have time :) He is sweet and easy from the ground and the most calm horse i ever have riden! ;) he is not so happy for the riding course, but then we enjoy the nature instead or we ride on the football course :) Open in gallery |
7 years ago
2003 7 7 years ago
Haflinger Stanley Haflinger Stanley
Stanley is an amazing horse i ride every thursday. He is a speciel horse with a big personality. He is super sweet to ride, but very strong. When i started to ride on him he was actually very stupid. Actually it was me who don´t could handle him. I was mad every time i ride him but something said to me that i should fight for it. Now he is the sweetest horse and i enjoy the time with him. He is a horse who knows what he wants and he fights for it. i had ride him for two and a half year now and he had learned me a lot Open in gallery |
8 years ago
1998 18 8 years ago
Norwegian Fjord Loke Norwegian Fjord Loke
Loke is a sweet horse i fit every thursday. He is a very calm horse who enjoys attention. He is sweet to ride but a little bit lazy. He loves to run in the forrest and to swim in the lake. He is the lead horse in the paddock and he protect his five mares. Loke is a horse you can do everything with because he is so calm and do not care of what you do. I have never seen him become afraid of something he always just looks at the things and then he accept it. in december 2012 he got ill in his airways. He could still live but he could never be a riding horse again. He could still come out of some riding tours, but only in walk. in the 18 december 2013 he got put to sleep. his airways turned worse and it was time to let him go :'( he had a great time to the last, and i really miss <3 Open in gallery |
8 years ago
2000 18 8 years ago
Norwegian Fjord Toftegårdens Tjalfe Norwegian Fjord Toftegårdens Tjalfe
Tjalfe is a very sweet horse that im so lucky to fit monday, tuesdag, wednesday and thursday. He is normally a super sweet horse, but the problem is that he easily get afraid of something and then he jumps up and try to run. This proplem has we trained a lot and its a lot better now. He loves attention, specially if you had food to him. We often goes a lot of walks wich we both enjoys. i have fit Tjalfe for a year now and i hope we would get a lot more years together. its know 2 years since i started to fit Tjalfe <3 there is happened alot since then. The biggest thing must be that i'm started to ride him! he has ben so sweet and easy! ;) i'm looking forward to many more years with him :) Open in gallery |
8 years ago
2010 19 8 years ago

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Lisa and Kaliah :)
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