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Other Barockpinto Arkia Other Barockpinto Arkia
I was out trying sweet Arkia Febuary 14th 2013. My first thought was that she was very high. But I got her saddled up and everything went well. We took her to the riding hall and I started to look a bit at her from the ground. very fast I realized that she was listening a lot to me, so I sat up, and wow, there was long way down :D But well, I both trotted og cantered on her. I could barely sit down on her haha J I began riding on her 17th february 2013 Betina, who own Arkia, wrote a SMS to me, that if I wanted to ride her, she would cancel with the others that wanted to try her wee i was so happy J And of course I said yes! 20th february I was out trying Arkia again. Sweet JS (A friend) was out with me and borrowed my camera and took some pictures of us. This time I rode with robe-halter wish she had never tried before. But she was soo sweet, she stops only when I whistles. Cant wait till I get out there again. I was told that it could only go to slow with creating Arkia when I asked if i should create her on my facebook site. So here she comes. Say hi to beautifull Arkia! 1st march 2013 I have been out with Arkia again wee. She was very sweet, i trotted on her without saddle!! :O Vi trained some from the ground she was very lovely. I hope I soon can get recorded a bit video so you easier can follow us. 26th march 2013 It have benn long since I last updated. Arkia have been sick, so I have only trained with her from the ground the last couple of times and I have recorded a bit video. And Arkia have jumped for the first time! Picture can be seen on the profile. Open in gallery |
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2006 47 7 years ago
Knabstrupper Tchad the Spot   R.I.P Knabstrupper Tchad the Spot  R.I.P
I started taking care of Tchad on 06-09-2011 the day he arrived there will come more text when I find one that will help me with the English ;) 21, 12, 2012 Sadly Tchad have past away. May he rest in peace. <3 Open in gallery |
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2004 26 7 years ago
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horse pictures I have taken :0) horse pictures I have taken :0)
jeg elsker at tage billeder and I have taken pictures for some years now so here you can see some of the horses pictures I have taken hope you will enjoy them :)
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