kissing lil lad :) hi!! princess! holly mummy coral!! nommmmm glad we dont do this ridden!!

Hannah W

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Age: 32 years
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Part Bred Arab Coral aka cocobell Part Bred Arab Coral aka cocobell
Fun loving and ready to play but loves learning new skills she is a absolute dream to own and I'm so proud of her! My friend bought her at 6 month's old and I.was.looking for a youngster to bring on myself when she came to me I was told not to buy her but I am glad I did she's my baby girl , we are learning everything we can without pushing each other she has come on so well the day of her birthday 3 rd my yard were going on a hack and I had just arranged my friend to.hack holly with me later on coral had only been sat on not ridden we were in backing process and she had been lead on roads I decided id take her and if she didnt like I would lead her instead. The show off lead most the way we were out with 2 older cobs and she was better than both put together I decided we would do.more hacking for now and the odd day in the school, she's rising 4 hacks alone or in company walks trots and centers lovely I can go on open land and she isnt fazed by a thing!! She even decided to pop a jump with me which shocked me from a baby who would go near poles on floor!! I haven't.decided what we will do together but for now we are happy playing and learning together x Open in gallery |
6 years ago
2010 16 6 years ago
Welsh (sec D) Renvarg Pandora aka pandy Welsh (sec D) Renvarg Pandora aka pandy
Very sweet old girl getting my new life pandy was my friends but circumstances change so iv taken her to be my 3 ginger girl , Pandy came to my yard 4 months ago to my friend on perm life loan but sadly they had troubles at home and illnesses so have had to give her back to her owner who doesnt want her to move around finding the right home, so since iv been bringing her back into work for them and I have a obsession with welshes and chestnuts I offered to keep her on myself, we are taking her work slow at the moment we have got walk trot and canter going well but akk e was in a standing martingale which I dont like so I have taken it off and started without aBing no problems at all without so wondering why she had it on. We are starting to hack out now and she's very good, I'm not much of a showing type I would like to do long distance rides again though so hopefully she.will enjoy the pleasure riding life :) she love's giving me kisses and pulls some funny faves glad she's with me :) Open in gallery |
6 years ago
1998 17 6 years ago
Welsh (sec D) Holly aka pooh Welsh (sec D) Holly aka pooh
My baby we have been through alot together holly has a great character and we share a great bond, How do you describe your best friend? Holly is my world she is blind in one eye and you.wouldnt know this she's 100% in all ways she's got her silly side but I wouldn't change it! We did jumping and pleasure rides together but holly had got lami and I was told she would need putting to sleep heart broken I sat with her and she snuggled upto me I knew she.wasny ready. Now 3 years on she's alive and kicking we moved to limited grazing on a private yard amd we hack everywere we can play in fields pop jumps enjoy our time together I love all my girls equally I have had holly longest and we connected with each other the day she stepped off wagon we have had ups and downs all the way but we are fighting every step she gives kisses and says please all the time and is very cheeky her and coral think they are mummy and baby holly is the boss with everyone even me!! X Open in gallery |
6 years ago
1996 16 6 years ago

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