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Dales Betsy Dales Betsy
My first pony! An absolute joy - A fond memory when I was younger was pretending that I was a princess and there were people behind us that we had to gallop away from - such fun memories!! She is such an amazing pony, even if a bit head-strong, she was a great pony to start riding with. She is a huge part of the family too! Mum, my younger sister and I all ride her - great family pony. I remember waking up and mum saying come have a look in the field, I was soooo excited, and there she was standing up with her mum, this tiny brown just born pony with a white star on her forehead awww so cute! As you can probably tell i have so many fond memories of riding her and I will never ever part with her, ever! Open in gallery |
8 years ago
1997 21 8 years ago
Morgan Justin's Magic (Lovely, mischievous little diva!) Morgan Justin's Magic (Lovely, mischievous little diva!)
Well, Magic, (nickname 'Magde') is home-bred and is a star with such natural 'contact' in the mouth, she's a really great ride and loves people! Nosy, loving, super intelligent and gorgeous she fills me with joy whenever I see her. She is a huge part of the family and we all absolutely adore her <3 Open in gallery |
8 years ago
2005 24 8 years ago
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Magic :) Magic :)
8 years ago

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Pig Oil Pig Oil
I use pig oil for one of my horses with sweetitch, as it re-hydrates the skin and the...
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