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Shetland Pony Shady Acres Zippo Shetland Pony Shady Acres Zippo
This is my third foal out of my lovely mare Zilver, and my first foal from my new stallion Waldo. He is the spitting image of his father, and also has the same colour: Mushroom and White. He is a very cute little guy, who is very easy to be around, and mom Zilvers is a great mother as usual. I am looking foreward to following this little guy. Open in gallery |
8 years ago
2013 34 8 years ago
Shetland Pony Zilver Sun v.d. Nijkamphoeve Shetland Pony Zilver Sun v.d. Nijkamphoeve
Zilver Sun is a great little mare that I bought from Janny Sørensen, Stutteri Stjernen, in spring 2009. My very first shetland pony. Thank you to Janny, because she let me buy this lovely young lady. She is the pony of my dreams in every way. Beautiful with exellent type and movements, mushroom colour and mini size. She has such a lovely personality, and allways comes running when she sees me. Hopefully she will be the foundation for mini shetland ponies with this interesting colour at my stud. Foals: 2010: Shady Acres Zodiac (Buckskin Colt) 2011: Shady Acres Zita (Light Chestnut Pangare Filly) 2012: No foal :( 2013: Shady Acres Zippo (Mushroom and White Colt) Open in gallery |
8 years ago
2006 26 8 years ago
Shetland Pony Waldo v.d. Litherweg Shetland Pony Waldo v.d. Litherweg
Waldo is a lovely little stallion I bought in Holland 2012. He is approved for breeding in Holland with 2nd premie. With Waldo I will finally be able to breed mushroom foals, and even pied foals also :) Since he is mushroom colored, he is homozygous for the mushroom gene, meaning he will pass a mushroom gene to all of his offspring no matter what color they get. The fact that he is also pied is just a bonus, since I really wan't some pied foals! He is small and compact, with good hooves and some very nice free movements. I am expecting 3 foals from him with my own mares in 2013, plus 3-4 foals from visiting mares. He will be put up for the danish stallions assesment too, in May 2013. Open in gallery |
8 years ago
2006 28 8 years ago

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Anyone expecting foals? :) Anyone expecting foals? :)
I am having 6 tiny foals this year. First ones should start arriving in April :)
Breeding - Millie - 8 years ago
Millie 1,983 8 years ago

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