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Camilla Rosenlund

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Other After Eight´s Chanel Other After Eight´s Chanel
After Eight's Chanel or After Eight, which I was told was her original name, is a mare of 23 years, which has a long history. When she was young and yet not broken in, she stood at a riding school, i was told she was a bit difficult to brake in, as she would throw of everyone and was real naughty. But after maniging to brake her in propperly, she was a riding school horse for a while, until she was sold to a private person. This person kept her for around 5-7 years. The next owner unfortuantly sold her again after a very short period. Chanel ended up with Heidi and Michelle from Jutland, They changed the name in her papers and so Chanel was added to the name After Eight, and then she came up for sale, and I discovered this diamond, and became the new proud owner <3 Chanel once had a foal in 1997, Force Machure, a beautiful black gelding with beautiful markings. Chanel's birthday is 5/6 - 1989 (kind of funny we have the same birthday but not same year i am 7 years older). Open in gallery |
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1989 53 8 years ago
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1. Martch 2013 - After Eight's Chanel Champion of ISH 1. Martch 2013 - After Eight's Chanel Champion of ISH
Pictures of Chanel in her 2012 Champion show rug from Intershowhorse.
8 years ago
After Eight's Chanel After Eight's Chanel
First time with Weymouth bridle :) She had it before just not with me.
8 years ago

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Another way to train your horse ;-) Another way to train your horse ;-)
This i how i train my horse when im not up for riding because of my disability. http...
Training - Camilla Rosenlund - 8 years ago
Camilla Rosenlund 1,528 8 years ago
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Up for a challenge? Up for a challenge?
hit me ;-)
Off topic - Sabrina H - 8 years ago
Sabrina H 1,324 8 years ago

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