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Other Schiehallion aka TugBug GoodBye Other Schiehallion aka TugBug GoodBye
Schiehallion aka TugBug is a very kind natured mare, she loves attention and cuddles will stand for hours being groomed, she is retired from jumping and only does light dressage work now. She is a saint to ride and goes off every signal. shes is a true mother figure to all other horses when hacking and normally leads the group, i only Share TugBug 3 times a week since April but we already have a little bond growing. She is a stunning horse to be around and will follow you to the end of this earth for a treat. she loves her treat ball and fuss I shared her for just over a month but sadly she has goes to her new home 6-july Open in gallery |
6 years ago
1995 11 6 years ago
Thoroughbred Impy the Navigator Thoroughbred Impy the Navigator
Impy is a beautiful horse, a dream to own and everyone horsey and non horsey falls in love with him because he is such a character and loves everyone and everything owned him since 2011 he just turned 7 on the 21-2-13, but mentally he is 3 love him to pieces he is out on loan to a wonderful family and loves life to the full his jump is to die for its so clean and he gives jumps so much space he did pony club (dressage and cross country aged 5) and was the best behaved He is a stunning gelding with an attitude to die for he was gelded late yet he is so timid and kind, he is being sold to Chloe his loanee in the near future Open in gallery |
7 years ago
2006 24 7 years ago
New forest A Single Gypsy Rose New forest A Single Gypsy Rose
A Single Gypsy Rose is a typical mare, she's retired and enjoys the simple life style. i bought her in 2007 and even with the many broken bones and he mad style of riding i never ever regretted buying her, she is my whole heart and i love her so much i can't explain. she loves speed and jumping and food Open in gallery |
7 years ago
1988 32 7 years ago
Thoroughbred Thought Control Thoroughbred Thought Control
Thought Control AKA Ben is a 18.0hh gentle giant. he is my dream horse He never tries to harm you on and off the ground he is priceless to me he is perfection in a horse body!! he has tough me everything Open in gallery |
7 years ago
2000 29 7 years ago
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Puccini Puccini
Puccini is my friends 16.1hh warmblood x I love him so much he's such a character and everyone that meets him falls in love with him (I have permission to put this on)
7 years ago
Gladstone Gladstone
Gladstone is a 18.1 hh pure breed shire i ride for a friend <3 he's a big baby Have galloped and jumped him and he is such an angel you truly do fly on him
7 years ago
My old pony Skye My old pony Skye
My old Welsh section A. bought her aged 6 months in 2009 broke her in myself sold her in 2011 aged 3 she is now owned by a lady and her 2 year old son, her son rides her in walk, trot and canter plus cross poles and Skye is only 3 herself.. i did everything from halter braking to backing!! I miss her so much but i had to sell to let her live her life to the full because being stuck in a field wasn't good enough for her :( i don't 100%regret selling her though because she lives a grand life. and if i didn't sell her i would never of gotten Impy the Navigator but if i could buy her back i would in a flash
7 years ago

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