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Rocky Mountain My Love & Gratitude Rocky Mountain My Love & Gratitude
Miloh (nickname), is a dream coming true. He's born in KY in the States, I purchased him unseen, but I could feel that this stallion was something special. Miloh arrived already almost one month ago. Time has passed fast and what a horse he is. He brings a smile to my lips, and calms me down whenever I look into his dark sparkling eyes and his fur is smooth as silk. Sometimes you can't tell he's a stallion without looking at his genitiles, and some other times you can see "the nuts" taking action (lol). Though that is rare. He loves a good scratch, and is actually not that fond of food as most horses. He doesn't like apples, niether carrots or the horse treats, which my previous horses used to love (But in the southern States you mostly give the Equines Dog Biscuits and Sugar Cubs -.-). Miloh is an extremely well behaved 2-year old and when my friend and I picked him up in Germany, he was absolutely exceptional, never have I seen a single horse so calm through such a long drive. We're actually already starting to know each other quite well. He is only a horse which you can train in the EARLY morning hours at summer. Otherwise he'll just stagnate because of the flies, he never uses me as a scratching post, but always gently turns his head, so I can remove the fly. He is so kind and thoughtful. Though sometimes too calm ;) This horse brings something special up in me - he has the ability to let you relax completely and let all problems go away instantly. A truly special feature. I love him really much!
8 years ago


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