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Konik Polski Lima Konik Polski Lima
I got her on 29/07/2012, at. 11th. :-) it must be said that Lima is NOT ridden - has been up on her back sometimes + she has been ridden for 2 weeks with ex owner, but we start with teaching summer of 2013 - so we can have learned things properly - why the few ride pictures;) Please respect that I will not put myself up at her again until she is 4, and with the teacher and supervisor on, due to causes in which she has made clear that it is NOT nice for her 1) color Grey 2) head whirl during øjennivau on the middle line 3) left foreleg Crown Rand 4) right foreleg low sock 5) left hind leg Low sock 6) right hind No markings 7) body Eel 8) other characteristics No characteristics
7 years ago


18 7 years ago
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