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Friesian Zaion Terplinggaard *STER* Friesian Zaion Terplinggaard *STER*
I ride Zaion for his sweet owner. :) Zaion is a dream horse of appearance. His long mane enchant all who see him the few times it is allowed to hang loose .. Zaion is a horse you just have to get to know, but he's just so loving <3 I've ridden Zaion in just over half a year, and the time has mainly consisted in getting ridden some muscles in above line when he is typical friesian who go too high with the neck and forget everything called to have the back up and hind legs under him. I myself have been really surprised him when he looks so easy but he is a hard horse to ride since he does not really take a step by himself .. However, this is becoming much better and he started to work really well. I've jumped him a few times, but would like to have a little more basic riding him before we do anything more serious out of it. A few months ago I tried to do tricks with him, and he is simply so teachable .. Besides curtsy and smile, he can make Spanish steps from both the back and the ground. We had to practice for the Christmas show where he would come walking up to me and kiss me, and this he did with flying colors during fifteen minutes .. I just think it's the imagination and patience that sets the limits .. The future with Zaion are probably much the same groove .. Lots of training so his owner can get more out of him.
2 years ago
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