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Date: 2013-4-5

Irish Cob Mr Ben 2004


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Elaine C
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Irish Cob Mr Ben

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Beautiful chap. Has been in an accident at some point, and badly treated so he is a bit untrusting, but once you have his trust he is the sweetest horse ever. Bit grumpy about food though.
Has the best trot in the world, massive stride, and so comfortable to ride. I love him so much.
Er no.
Er no.
I bought Ben for my husband to learn to ride on. He is my superstar, and when I am down he always he makes me smile. He is very scared of bridles as someone has obviously regularly bashed his teeth with the bit before we had him. He has a rubber pelham and it takes ages to get his bit in but it is getting better all the time. He was a ride and drive horse. He came over from Ireland about a year ago now, but we have only had him since June last year. Hence he has the best trot, and being a big boy it is like floating, and the scenery flies by; he is not so keen on canter. We will work on this when he is fitter. I want to learn Parelli and am hoping he will let me do this with him to start, and I hope he enjoys it. He is the type of horse that is very discerning with people and you have to have his trust. He loves love and attention once you have his trust and respect.He used to be scared of kisses, but he has now worked out they are meant to be nice. I imagine he either lived on a farm or was a gypsy horse. He is nicknamed gypsy Ben by my friends.

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  • Rosie R

    Created: Mar 2013
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    8 years ago


  • Hannah W

    Created: Apr 2013
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    8 years ago


  • S.A.

    Created: Jan 2013
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    8 years ago

    He sounds and looks really amazing. It's lovely to hear your work with him pays off

  • Gillian W

    Created: Jan 2013
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    8 years ago

    I'm so glad he has a good home now, he is a lovely chap. God knows what some of these poor horses go through before we get them!!

  • Elaine C

    Created: Nov 2012
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    8 years ago

    I just looked it up and I think I will give it a try, thank you so much...hope he likes it!!

  • Claire L

    Created: Jan 2013
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    8 years ago

    He's super, a proper cob.
    It sounds as though he's learning to trust you already
    Just a thought, bit butter might be worth trying with him

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