Friesian Mercedes Von Laasholdt 5.47 21
Date: 2012-12-25

Friesian Mercedes Von Laasholdt [Form. horse] 2012


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Friesian Mercedes Von Laasholdt

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Year of birth:
135cm (measured on 9 November 2012)
very quiet until her tongue :-)

Seems she has a lovely temperaman <3
Step - a nice step

Travelodge - Delicious Traveling with HIGH leg lift :-)

Gallop - A nice round gallop :-)

When she is ONLY a foal .. but hope it comes :-)
M : Giske
MF: Remmelt 323
MM: Jitske M.

F: Friesian.

She is 100% Friesian just outside pedigree <3
one BEAUTIFUL Mare. :-)
Mercedes was born on: 10.04.2012

Mercedes is black with no markings.

Just got tonight, she had been so nicely in the trailer all the way with his mother :-)

She seems already to be a really DELICIOUS feel that I am looking forward to and get started.
(which I will get a lot of pleasure from the above & possibly. come out and start rallies on).

Is least REALLY happy for her, she's just been enjoyed and cuddled on tonight :-)
I just hope she is settling in here with me :-)

M - My <3
E - Unique <3
R - Quiet <3
C - Chermerne <3
E - Only one <3
D - Lovely <3
E - Loved <3
S - Black / Beautiful <3

Today she 7mdr. :-)

so is Mercedes come in a paddock with the other (in the nursery / with other foals)
she just was not quite comfortable with and came out of his box but it went quietly :-)

she has been very happy Bahebec as she talks to the fence and get a little uncomfortable when he goes ..

She is a very cool girl - though I am really looking forward to and learn better and know and work more with :-) <3

10th December - 2012
Congratulations today you will be 8 months :-)

15th December - 2012
Today I was out walking with Mercedes for the second time .. (we walked 6km)
She was so talented and so quiet even of there was one with which rode away from us and passed at a gallop ..
(so she just resting and smacked their lips) :-)
And she said nothing to the snow plow came .. :-D

19th December 2012
Today I was out walking with Mercedes for 3'ede time (we went alone, well 3km)
And she was just so sweet and went just as well, she says NO to the cars that pass by

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