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Date: 2012-12-23

Riding Pony Maggie Stensbæk 2004


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Riding Pony Maggie Stensbæk

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146 cm :-) A really good size!
She's all her own!

She's the most special horse I have ever met. I think if she was human she would be the one everyone loved and looked up to. She the most perfekt, sweet, lovely horse. Her temper is the best. She always know how to act. If she have to speed a little up, to react the time to an event for an example, og if she has to be really calm around a kid and so on.

She is really special, i can't even describe her. I think you have to know her :-)
The best!

Her walk is quite big and lovely. Her trot is really good! Is often complimentet. Her galop is also good! Just lean back and enjoy :-)
Yes, some :-)

She have been eventing at CNC80 and showjumping LB** (90 cm) :-)
Not one i know :-)

I just know that there's a bit haflinger in her.
The sweetest mare!
Maggie is the light of my life. I will never get to ride her again, no one will ever. She will never stand in the arena, and show all the would who she is, and how proud and good she was! She will never stand in the end, with a rossette in her bridle. She will never show anyone again what she can do in the arena.

Maggie's leg got hurt last christmas - actually the 24th december, and she will never going to get okay again. Right now we don't actually know what to do. I just don't want to loose her... I just don't...

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