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Date: 2013-3-22

Irish Sport Horse Furista 2008


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Irish Sport Horse Furista

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16.2 hh
Lovely temper. She has such a kind gentle nature and loves her cuddles. She always wants the attention from others and is very eager to learn. When jumping she always pulls me into the fences and clears them by miles. She is a dominant horse and will show anyone with whom she shares a field with who's boss. She has only been broken in two and a half years and so she is still a little nervous when it comes to boxing her and some times hacking, however she has come miles since I brought her in December.
She has a very large powerful walk and a good spring in her trot. Her trot is very forward, however she is very responsive and so she will collect and extend in walk, trot and canter. Canter is a powerful forward canter. I say she is very up hill, she is not on the forehand at all!
We have only done one competition so far and that was the Eventers Challenege at Sparsholt College. She did the 85 cm class, however we are jumping up to 1m10 in our lessons at the moment.
Her father was Coolgrange Diamond and her mother was Quidams Cavalier. Her grandfather is Furisto.
Dark Bay, Large white blaze on face, two white socks on hind limbs, long dark bay/black mane and tail.

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