Norwegian Fjord Søgårdens Birk 5.57 35
Date: 2012-12-22

Norwegian Fjord Søgårdens Birk 1998


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Malene A
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Norwegian Fjord Søgårdens Birk

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Year of birth:
In the stable: He is very nice, and sweeet. You can just let him stand at the stable time. But he is food angry, not as mutch as he was ion the start, but not anymore.

Dessage: in the beginning he could not go stable on the bit. But now he is almost perfect when we ride.

Jumping: He loves to jump! It the best he knows! He has always loved to jump, and he is only gets better, fore every time. But when i got him he was´nt easy to jump in the start, because he was defficult to start in gallop. He is still hard, but he is one of the best ponies to jump on!

F: Pelle Halsnæs
FF: Greiing
FM: Julie Halsnæs
FFF: Grei
FFM: Benta
FMF: Baron Halsnæs
FMM: Lisa

M: Søgårdens Freja
MF: Boye Engvang
MM: Grete
MFF: Husar Halsnæs
MFM: Mia Engvang
MMF: Holar
MMM: Årolilja
A littel about Birk!
I got him fore 5 years ago. dec. 19. I was 11 years old there. I tried a lot of horses, and I loved all of them, but there was something about Birk. He was´nt pretty, he had no muscles or something. He did not dare to do anything and he had no confidence.
But now he has his own mind about the things.

At our first competition we were to, was jumping, I was a king on the, The king on the whit horse. We won and got in the paper.

There will come al lot of updates:D

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