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Date: 2013-3-22

Warmblood Sonata [Form. horse] 2005


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Warmblood Sonata

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162 cm
She´s a horse you can turn on and of. But she can be very fiery to ride. But also a sweet, and loving horse.
over medium
We have done some dressage test, with good results. we went 5th allover in a local club championship, in dressage.

24/3-2013: Local show in SVR (Svendborg ridingclub) jumped 70 cm and went clear and also 80 cm with 12 faults.

Hope to comped some more in showjumping, in 2013.

Sire: Sandrhea Star (Sandro * Ramiro Z) Hannovarian breed

Dam: Fuga (Sir Salut * Zadarit xx) Hannovarian/Thoroughbred

Super jumping pedigree
I bought Sonata from my neighbor. How had imported her from Lithuania.

When i first saw her, i thought that it was the most beautiful horse i ever had seen. Those big eyes, that kept looking at me. An that soft muzzle, that was looking for treats in my pockets. I knew she was the horse for me.
Unfortunately she had some problems. She was very scared of the rider, and she ran of every time she got a rider in the saddle! I have spent a lot of hours working with her. And quietly, give her confidence back. Now she is a promising jumper. And i hope we some day reach medium level in showjumping.

13/3-2014: Unfortunately i have had some serious problems with Sonata (plys) through the fall 2013. She was really stressed out, an every time i asked her to work a bit. She tendse up, stressed an then she took off with me! So i gave her a long pause, through the winter. An it seems to had helped :) I have also made a change in her work out, so i all ways work with her first. An im also trying out the Hackamore for a spell, but she has been reacting very good on it. So hopefully we can start to compete again :)

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