Irish Cob Woodland Orchid. "Woodie" 57 17
Date: 2013-3-21

Irish Cob Woodland Orchid. "Woodie" 1995


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Penny F
Female - 49 years old
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- Female - 49 years old - User since: 21/03/2013
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Irish Cob Woodland Orchid. "Woodie"

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strong, intelligent, moody, loving, protective & terratorial.
short & bouncy, yet athletic. full of stamina
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Reply to: Irish Cob Woodland Orchid. "Woodie"

  • Janis G

    Created: Mar 2013
    Topic: 1
    Replies: 4
    Horses: 1
    6 years ago

    Oh Wow I love her, she is very like my Arnie too...lovely pictures.

  • Claire L

    Created: Jan 2013
    Topics: 2
    Replies: 161
    Horses: 1
    Photo albums: 11
    6 years ago

    She is amazing, you must be very proud of her. Don't apologize for the photo of your lovely Son, I appreciate that it doesn't follow the guidelines, but I've noticed that there are unfortunately some unnecessarily harsh comments on this site.

  • Penny F

    Created: Mar 2013
    Horses: 1
    6 years ago

    I will get more pics soon, & sorry for the last pic on here. My son is very much a part of Woodies life so thought apropriate to add him too.

  • Penny F

    Created: Mar 2013
    Horses: 1
    6 years ago

    Thanks for the comments. yes Woodie is amazing, stunning, & utterly wonderful!!! (I'm not bias in any way! lol). I got her as a foal, she will be 18yrs this may. Some people say I'm a little crazy as I say she is my four legged daughter! she is completely spoilt, but deservedly so. she has been my best friend through a lot of tough times, & still is. I nearly lost her after colic surgery in december 2008. the vet found a tumer (non cancerous, thank god) during the surgery & had to remove 8ft of her gut. Thankfully she made a full recovery, & is now back to being the same woodie she always was, just maybe a little grumpier with age!! lol

  • Jess

    Created: Jan 2013
    Topics: 10
    Replies: 12
    Horses: 2
    6 years ago

    She looks so stunning! Welcome

  • Jane J

    Created: Feb 2013
    Topics: 9
    Replies: 6
    6 years ago

    She is amazing! Do you have more pictures of her? I'd love to see and know more

  • Valder

    Created: Jan 2013
    Topics: 27
    Replies: 51
    Horses: 2
    Photo albums: 1
    6 years ago

    Welcome to Woodie - great name.

    Maybe you could tell a little more about him and why he is irriplaceable - I can see why, but love to know more.

  • »Lady Blacksheep«

    Created: Dec 2012
    Topics: 11
    Replies: 171
    Horses: 4
    Photo albums: 9
    Videos: 7
    6 years ago

    The last picture is not of the horse and does not belong here. Please delete it or maybe put it in an album instead. Profiles are for the horses only.

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