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Date: 2012-9-29

Tennesse Walking Horse | Pearl of Justice 2006

Tennesse Walking Horse | Pearl of Justice - 1) Pearl flashing her beautiful baby belly - Photographer: Myself
Tennesse Walking Horse | Pearl of Justice - 1) Pearl flashing her beautiful baby belly - Photographer: Myself
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Tennesse Walking Horse | Pearl of Justice

Won: 0
Lost: 0
Tied: 0
Year of birth:
15.1 hh
153 cm
Gentle, trusting and loves attention.
Pearl prefers to trot and rack, but I have seen her do all following gaits:

- Dogwalk
- Flatwalk
- Runningwalk
- Rocking-chair canter
- Pace
- Rack
- Foxtrot
- Trot
- Gallop

June 15th 2007 - Gaited Galla:
Weanling/Yearling Halter
2nd place

October 19th 2007 - MoonWalker Memorial Show:
In Hand Model Yearling/Weanling
1st place

In Hand Model Youth
4th place

In Hand Obstacle (2 and under)
2nd place

April 4th 2008 - East Texas Gaited Classic Chiampionship Show:
In Hand Mares
4th place

June 20th 2008 - Gaited Galla:
In Hand Mares
1st place

In Hand Mares
2 place
Pearl of Justice #20604735

Sire: Judge’s Criminal Justice
Dam: Goldie’s Champagne Glow

SS: Alen’s Belfast Bandit
SD: Judge’s Go Lady
SSS: Spotted Alen Again
SSD: Glory’s Xmas Belle
SDS: The Call Judge
SDD: Lucky Memory
SSSS: Shadow’s Spotted Alen
SSSD: Lady Eldorado B.
SSDS: Ebony’s Black Glory
SSDD: Power’s Dixie Belle
SDSS: Ebony’s Sunny Boy
SDSD: Sun’s Rablin Rose J.
SDDS: Shaker’s Memory
SDDD: Handshaker Go Lady

DS: Go Boy’s Gold Insignia
DD: Power’s Countness
DSS: Paint’s Moon Man
DSD: Emily’s Rose
DDS: Threat’s Black Power
DDD: Sunnydale’s Countness
DSSS: Paint the Town
DSSD: Insignia’s Sweetheart
DSDS: Mack K’s Lucky
DSDD: Princess Lady B.
DDSS: Triple Threat
DDSD: Spook’s Sister
DDDS: Hall’s Midnight Go Boy
DDDD: Sunnydale’s Starlite
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- Color: Amber cream champagne tobiano/sabino
- Foaled: August 27th 2006
- Due date: June 16th 2013

Pearl is a big optimist and a bit of an original as well - and there's no doubt that she's very well aware of it.

She has an irresistible charm which she manages to exploit to her own benefit, and her personality is evident. She really knows how to take on people, and loves to draw attention to herself.
Her former owner told me that she was like a loving dog, and described her from that. Amazingly, her describtion was spot on, and I'm sure Pearl would try an climb on your lab, if she got a chance.

There's nothing wrong with Pearl's self-esteem, nor is there with her intelliges - And those two things combined is a dangerous cocktail, because suddenly you have a horse who is almost smarter than yourself, and at the same time is able to exploit it to the fullest.
She knows her boundaries, but loves to test you. Despite that, she's an extremely quick learner, and when she's been praised for doing something right, she is very eager to do it again and again.

Some of the above might sound a little negative, but I don't see it that way. Pearl is the most loving creature you can find. She never bites, kicks or show any aggressive behavior towards people, other horses or animals in general.
She loves to stand amongst a bunch of girls, being scrached, hugged and loved on. It doesn't get much better than that.

Unfortunately Pearl has been diagnosed with Kissing Spines and OCD, and the vet told me that she would never be able to work under saddle. That is the reason there's no riding photos in her gallery.
Fortunately I had her checked by an osteopath who said something very different, and gave us a little hope.

Her KS isn't serious -the ostepath wouldn't even call it 'KS' - and it doesn't harm her. The same with her OCD. Further down you'll what her real problem is.

When I found out that riding was out of the question, I've found some other things to do with her, like groundwork, walks in rope, horsemanship, work for long lines etc.
Besides that, I take advantage of her looks, and have loads of pictures taken of her.

Pearl was born at Deer Creek Walkers Farm, which is a Tennessee Walking Horses and American Miniature Stud.
She's sired by the gorgeous buckskin stallion 'Judges Criminal Justice' (you can google him).
As foal she was sold to a lady in Texas, who had her ever since. Pearl was showed a lot (from the ground) in the US, and you can see her placements under "Competitions".

She was started under saddle as 2½ y/o (which might be the cause of her ailments), and in 2011 she was in training at Walkers West, who owns the salespage where I found both Pearl and my former mare Dixie.

On the 2nd of March 2010, I was looking at salespages, just to pass time, and to try and figure out what kind of horse I wanted my next horse to be. Suddenly I saw this drop-dead gorgeous horse. and I fell in love right away. My first thought was - just as it was with Dixie - "That's mine!".
Unfortunately getting another horse wasn't possible at the time. I was still grieving for my late mare, and mentally I wasn't even close to ready to get a horse again. I did - however - send an e-mail to the owner, just to hear about Pearl.
But obviously it was too soon, and shortly after Pearl wasn't on the salespage anymore.
5 months later, I found this breathtaking 4 months colt (also a TWH), and once again I fell deeply in love. I even dreamt about him several nights in a row, and soon he was the one I'd picked. Unfortunately that didn't work out, so I started to look for a mare. Not long after, a friend linked to a horse - Pearl was back on the salespage. :)
I got so happy, and wrote to the owner who said she remembered me, even though it'd been 1½ years since the last time I contacted her. And soon Pearl was mine.

On October 25th, we headed for Amsterdam to pick up Pearl, but when we arrived at the airport, we ran into more problems.
First they couldn't figure out from which terminal she would arrive. Then, when we finally found the right one, they wouldn't let all of us in (apparently only 2 persons were allowed). But the last problem was the worst of them all...
A man came to us, and said: "I'm sorry, but I have very very bad news". My heart skipped a beat, and I feared the worst. It didn't help much, when he then continued with "The plane has been damaged..." (another pause).
I didn't even know how to react - I thought the plane had crashed. Again he continued: "so they had to turn around.".
I felt a relief I'd never thought possible, and at the same time I felt like strangling him. Unfortunately he couldn't tell us more than that we had to contact our agent, and find out when they would arrive. All he knew, was that it would be the next day.
We drove back to Germany, and spent the night at some friends', and in the morning we headed back to Amsterdam airport to pick her up.
This time there was no problems. We arrived, came in and then we waited for Pearl.
The first horse I noticed, had the same color as Dixie. As it was the same place where we picked her up, it brought back memories, and I had to fight back the tears. It was a breathtaking Quarter stallion.
Pearl came in the second group, and once again I had to fight back the tears (however, the struggle was in vain). It was just an amazing experience. I had owned this horse for nearly two months, and suddenly I could touch her. It was just indesribable to meet her the first time.

We arrived in Denmark late in the evening, and Pearl was extremely dehydrated, and had lost too much weight. You could practically see all her bones.
We didn't work at all for the first week, but then we started doing a little groundwork. During the first month, she had already gained much weight, and she was very nice to work with.

Unfortunatly she was lame soon after she arrived, and it was a big problem. To begin with, we blamed her thrush, which was pretty bad, and which she had when she arrived. But after being treated and the frog looked good, she was still lame.
We had her checked by a vet, who took some x-rays of her back and legs, and her diagnosis was obvious - She would never become a riding horse.

The following 6 months, we worked a lot from the ground - light groundwork, and Pearl took it very well. She was a little lame on'n'off, but it helped a lot when she came on a 24/7 pasture in the spring.

Summer 2012 some friends gave me a great offer. I could have Pearl checked by an osteopath from the Netherlands, and at the same time I could have her bred to their black stallion Yahoo.Coin.
So on the 27th of June, and friend and I headed for Germany with both of our mares.

The osteopath found a new problem - Pearl's fetlocks aren't as flexible as they should be, and because of that she didn't use her backend the way she's supposed to. Fortunately this is something that I can help by doing some exercised with her, and she thought there was hope for us, when it came to the saddle work. She wouldn't promise that Pearl would be a riding horse, but there was a small chance, with the right exercises, and correct work from the saddle. I would never be able to reach a higher level, but there is a chance for trailrides or/and light work in the arena.

While she was in Germany, she stayed a month to be bred.
The stallion is a pitch black Tennessee Walking Horse called "Yahoo.Coin".

She was bred three times, and the last time was on the 12th of July. Her due date is on the 20th of June 2013.

The original plans for the future, was based on the riding, but when those dreams was ruined we had to resort to alternatives.
So now the plans are to get this foal from Pearl, and start working on that, and when it turns 3 y/o, it will be my new riding horse.
Pearl will be my companion and photo model, and I will appreciate every moment I get to spend with her.
We will still be working from the ground and next summer I plan on having some photoshoots taken of her and the foal, and if I manage to get her in better shape, the plans might change.
I'm not giving up on her!

I will keep this profile updated with text and pictures.

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