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Date: 2012-12-22

Connemara Bredemadgaards Bernadette 2010


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Connemara Bredemadgaards Bernadette

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148 cm/14.2hh
She is strange, she's very kind, but she's got a lot of character, and doesn't do anything she doesn't want to, unless it's my hubby, William asking her.
Fair, canter seems to be her best by my judgment so far.
None yet, as she is too young. We've showed her in hand though. I don't know if she will get to do anything but a performance test, that depends on the quality of her foals and how much we will want to breed her.

At a big agricultural show as a 2 year old she was awarded 10 for type by one of the 6 judges for the competition of Best Two Year Old.
At the annual show at the Connemara inspection she was awarded 23 points and came in second in her class.
At a national agricultural show she was awarded 23 points (which is 1. place, second degree) and honorary prize as a three year old, and as a four year old she was awarded 23 points again, stood in front of two previous Reserve Champions, was 1st in her class, and awarded honorary prize again - we are very proud of her :)
S: Innellan Kestrel S 108 GBR
D: Hyldens Primula C 803
DS: Pilgaards Sammy Jr ECH 46

Bernie is a great pony. She is my hubby's pony, entirely by her own choice. He can make her do all the things the rest of us can't, even without trying.
After the summer party at his work last July he came home a little tipsy and spent about an hour talking of how he finally got what's with girls/women and their ponies when he met Bernie. And how amazing a feeling it is to be so connected to someone you can't even communicate verbally with.

She has so much character, and it's amazing to see how the rest of us can spent an hour trying to get her to do something, and when William comes along he just needs to ask her and she'll do pretty much whatever he wants her to. She is truly a one-man-pony.

She is a very typical pony, put together very well. Only thing is her left leg which is not quite as good as it should be, but that just means we have to put a lot of thought into our choice of stallion for her.

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