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Other Magic Flash Back

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I'm so sorry of my bad english!

He's only 79cm tall, and he's weight is 120 kg.
He is a little spitfire when other horses are near.
But otherwise he is super nice and easy.
It is not really some gaits with his little legs. But they are just as fine and small as himself ;)
Nope just on Intershowhorse.dk. He already won 3 rossets :)
He was purchased as a mistreated pony, so i don't know his parents.
A little pretty stallion :)
My mom bougt Magic sommer 2009 on a market. He was only 2 years old, and just 69 cm tall. At the first i didn't want him, because he was so ugly and bad all the time! But after some ours i felt in love with the poor little guy. Under his stomach there was big chunks of shit that hung down to the ground.. The man that owned him before hat a lots of poor horses for sale, and all of them was thin and didn't had any water.

Magic was in the first year i had him, always angry an depressed. He didn't care about other horses, or people.. But now i've got him for 3 and a half year, and he is completely different. He loves to run with his friends on the field, he is happy and now he also can a lot of tricks! :)

One day he shall became a father, to my foal.

Magic is my hole love <3

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