Connemara Bredemadgaards Grace O'Malley 5.27 20
Date: 2012-12-22

Connemara Bredemadgaards Grace O'Malley 2010


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Connemara Bredemadgaards Grace O'Malley

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144 cm/14.2hh
Brilliant, she is absolutely wonderful. She is very like her grandmother, Primula, she is so easy-going, so trusting and so easy to teach anything.
Good. Excellent trot, though this far she seems to show it better at home than out (:
None yet, but the plan is that she is going to get out and compete a little bit before she gets into our breeding programme. Maybe a single foal first as a four year old.

She has been shown on three occasions this far, once as a foal and twice as a two year old. She was rewarded 22 points the last time, at a Connemara show in late July.
S: Innellan Kestrel S 108 GBR
D: Bredemadgaards Cilla C 918
DS: Laerkens Callaghan CH 73

We plan to include her in our breeding programme and are currently considering wether we should put her in foal in 2013 or wait 'til 2014.
Grace is so like my Primula, and I am so happy that I have her to take over for when Primula can't go on anymore. She is the best "replacement" I could ask for, and I can't wait for her first foal, for more shows with her and to start competing.

She is absolutely brilliant. She never questions you, never gets afraid, she is so unbelievably trusting. She is just the perfect pony, and I really hope to have her for many years to come.

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