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Date: 2012-12-22

Connemara Auriklens A Kind Of Magic 2009


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Connemara Auriklens A Kind Of Magic

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approx. 155 cm/15.3hh

We haven't measured her for a while though, so it's just a guess - give or a take a few cm.
Good. Extremely intelligent, to the point where it's impractical to be her humans (; She breaks out by walking around the fence listening for where the least current go through, whereafter she walks out between the threads. Fortunately my parents live far out in the country without too many cars around.
Good. Her canter seems to be a tad bit better than her trot and walk.
None yet as she is not old enough. I hope to get her out for a few in 2013.
S: Innellan Kestrel S 108 GBR
D: Bakkedals Primadonna C 844
DS: Skousboe Morning Rock ECH 70

In the future we plan to breed her to Jamiro, like her mother and sister.
She goes by the name Malina at home - A Kind Of Magic is just a little too long (:

She is another less typical filly by Primadonna, though seems to be a great riding prospect. I am planning on starting her training sometime during this year, and I hope to get to bring her out competing a little bit.

Her full brother grew to be 160 cm/15.7hh, a great size for an overheight Connemara, and I hope she gets to take a couple more cm as well. It's brilliant with the Connemara temper in a horse in the size for people who are taller than my tiny 161 cm.

We are planning to have her tested to see whether she is perlino or cremello and if she is gray or not. Both her parents carry the red gene, but are born dun (buckskin) and are gray now, both heterozygous though. We have the hairs lying around for it, we just need to send it.
If she is not gray, or at least heterozygous, we plan to breed her to Jamiro hoping for more duns - we just love that colour. And just like with her sister, and her mother, we really think they would compliment each other well.

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  • Kim M

    Created: Dec 2012
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    8 years ago

    Beautiful totally gorgeous xx

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