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Date: 2013-3-14

American Quarter Horse Celtic Pride Mummys Boy: aka -George! 2008


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American Quarter Horse Celtic Pride Mummys Boy: aka -George!

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George has a wonderful temper for a 5 year old , hes quick to learn , and very honest , hes always willing and happy to learn , hes a sociable pony and gets on very well with other horses and ponies.
George is still in his learning and schoolong stages ,we are taking it very slow with him, he has done some in hand showing, and we are hoping to do some jumping this coming summer. He has been to one charity event in october last year and he was brilliant, we did 3 inhand classes and one ridden, which was both our first show.
George is american quarter horse x section c, his mother is welsh section c named cwmcelyn synderela, his father is pure bred quarter horse named arabis serendipity and his granfather, a top quarter horse stallion named arabis cruisin pine.
George was born a chestnut with 4 white socks and a white blaze, the photo shows him and his mother in wales where he was bred, he has now grown to be a beautiful grey, hes a honest and gentle boy and looks after who ever is on his back or handling him, although he still be a very mischeivious young boy!, we brought him as a four year old who had done nothing but been broken and rode around, although i had only been riding a year and people would think it would be crazy for me to bring on a youngster, me and george clicked, and now nearly a year on, we have learnt so much together

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  • Deanna

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    6 years ago


  • 6 years ago

    welcome, lovely boy, amazing how much his colour has changed. cant wait to hear more about him as he grows and learns more

  • Malene H

    Created: Jan 2013
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    6 years ago

    Great pictures. Welcome

    He looks stunning.

  • J.S.

    Created: Jan 2013
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    6 years ago

    He looks great It's really funny to she how much his colour has changed!

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