Shetland Pony Butler *Sold* 57 16
Date: 2012-12-21

Shetland Pony Butler *Sold* [Form. horse] 1997


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Charlie *Loves Vaulting*
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Shetland Pony Butler *Sold*

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97 cm
Incredibly good-nature but if someone raises their voice, he can be a little choppy.
But otherwise he is incredibly sweet and calm
Walk: Easy to follow, small steps but lovely to watch at.
Trot: Beautiful but very quickly. He Dosen't have so long legs, so that does that he takes small fast steps.
Canter: Very short pony canter. However, he can easily, if he will, gallop a little slower when there are children on his back
No one.
I have no idea.
Missing a horse will never disappear completely!
I loved the pony with all my heart! He was loved very much!
I wish I could rewind time and even have bought him but you can not: '(
I really hope he's okay where he is now: ')

Butler was a unique pony! He come and take everyone's hearts by storm!
He was a pony who was afraid too much. Where he came from, he was the only horse and had been living with a little girl. He should be vaulting horse in the future, but that should not happen. I was started to train Butler up to become vaulting pony, but he took too long, and the owners looked had to sell him. But in the half year I worked with him, he was absolutely fantastic!
He did really trusted someone when he started to knew you.

This pony has a huge place in my heart, and i'll never forget him!

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