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Date: 2012-12-20

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Other Molly

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1,35 m
Curios, careful, a bit distrustful, loving and co-operative.
She has a great temper!
Yes but it is many years ago, and not with me.
She is pinto and her mother is Sussi MPIN 36.
I got Molly in January last year. Before that I had been riding her every week in almost a half year.
I was totally in love with Molly, and I promised her, that if her owner ever would sell her, then I would buy her. (:b)
And last December I got at message from her owner, that she would sell her.
I talked with my parents and then, January 7. Molly was mine.(:

In all the time I have known her, she have been to fat. So it was our biggest and first duty to do!
And in the first half year, Molly lost 85 kg.
It wasn't easy 'cause Molly had some problems with her hoofs in that time.
But now we have it all under control.

But we have been on so many rides in the wood, since I got her, that I can't count it. Actually we hasn't been much on our riding ground. But when the snow and frost again disappears, we will start working more there.

I also train Molly a bit from the ground, it hasn't been much 'til now, because I have been so "busy" with her weight. But we will do some more groundwork in the future.

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