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Date: 2012-12-20

Haflinger | Linette <3 1995

Haflinger | Linette <3 - Welcome!
Haflinger | Linette <3 - Welcome!
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Cecilie and Linette / CBW
Female - 23 years old
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Haflinger | Linette <3

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Linette is 139, 5.
It is very different! One moment she is the sweetest and calmest and the next moment she can be crazy fresh and awake.

She is also kind to small children, etc, they can even associate with her.
She has some really fine gaits - but she is not hlet young anymore, so she is being a little bit stiff leg and in addition, she did not like the fastest times, could use a little more go! ;-)

- Walk: Quietly, lacks a little momentum.
- Trot: Fine - rhythmic and lovely to sit in.
- Gallop: It is quite okay! :-)
Yes - She has over the years received many locations in both jumping and dressage. She also has locations in Holland!
I have unfortunately not. But I know that she has it, because I know that she is bred on a Haflinger stud farm in Holland :-)

And she has a stempel on 2 places. One of the neck and one on the right buttock.

We are working to get her pedigree! :-)
Mare :-)
Linette is a nice Haflinger mare at 17 years old. She was born on 1/11-1995 :-)

At times she is a little strict but other times she is the most beautiful pony!

I had her for almost 6 years and I stand me NEVER without her!

In her younger days she has gone up to LA1 a dressage and can almost most pony exercises :-)

In jumping, she has never really jumped, but she jumps easily 1 meter (MB) for training with rider still - and she loves it! :-)
She has jumped almost 130 without rider before :-)

Unfortunately, she was here in 2012 was diagnosed with arthritis and skipped therefore not often more :o(

She is my one and everything <3<3<3<3

I'm from Denmark, and I am not so good to english, but I try! :-)...... hahaha :-)

Well, say welcome to her, much more coming :-)

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