Norwegian Fjord Tekla 57 16
Date: 2012-12-20

Norwegian Fjord Tekla 1997


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Carola B
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Norwegian Fjord Tekla

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ca. 145
Pretty quiet, loves to be cuddled.
She is indifferent to everything
All gaits is verry good :P
29 September 2012
TREC competition - 9 place

October 27, 2012
With Julie Hansen
LD1 - Shared 2 place
LD2. 4 place
F: Pelle Halsnæs
FF: Greiing
FM: Julie Halsnæs
FFF: Grei
FFM: Benta
FMF: Baron Halsnæs
FMM: Lisa
FFFF: Brynar
FFFM: KvåleJenta
FFMF: Fjellfavn
FFMM: Kitti
FMFF: Rai Halsnæs
FMFM: Jette
FMMF: Suldrup Heid
FMMM: Linda

M: Elektra
MF: Reidulf
MM: Gitte
MFF: Valebu
MFM: Ada
MMF: Bertil
MMM: Lene
MFFF: Osram Gjerstad
MFFM: Sylvia II
MFMF: Dyre
MFMM: Dalla
MMFF: Regent
MMFM: Folda
MMMF: Suldrup Heid
MMMM: Lotte
A beautiful mare
Tekla is a lovely mare that I get to ride here from December and I'm mega happy to be riding when I here today was allowed to ride her for the first time, we rode in the evening and I rode bareback and it was as if we just fit together from the first step.

Her owner said that I rode her damn good and I am only happy ..

2 December 2011
Today I rode her for the first time, we galloped not because it was too dark for her to run .. When but I tried to see how I sat on her and it was like that page on a sofa .. She has not been ridden long and I have not ridden since the accident a month ago and yet I could not help, please help smiling happily as we rode in a nice trot around the triangle with Sia on Nala and Trine on Silas :) so happy .. Must ride her on tour in the morning without saddle so am really looking forward very much to teach her much better to know :)

20 December 2011
So now the world's worst days come, I love Tekla forever because she is my star but now has a familiar destroyed EVERYTHING I never puts my legs out on the farm again because of her. I love you Tekla but I'll never get back out there as long as she is! ..

You will always be in my heart!

23 December 2011
Fuck I miss my beloved Tekla, it rips my heart not to see you not noticing your lovely coat and not to see your lovely eyes bright with joy when I komemr in the barn .. Just can not live without you baby girl my SOUL MATE

February 22, 2012
The BEST day in my LIFE .. It happened INDELIG Tekla owned by me

March 22, 2012
Have pain in my elbow after Tuesday but going for a ride anyway, practicing a little more serious riding with Tekla, it goes fremaf and she starts to get a lot better :)

19 April - 2012
We rode a short tour with Sia and Nala, it went really well and on Tuesday showed the girl just that she was cold to braise no :)

26 April 2012
On Tuesday I got the message that Tekla was not ifol, I'm so relieved that we can get really started training without having to worry if she is with foal or not.
So out to Tekla today: P

Sorry if it's a little hard to understand my English

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