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Date: 2013-3-9

Fell | Lobhke van De Koekoekshof ~ My soulmate 2006


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Fell | Lobhke van De Koekoekshof ~ My soulmate

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Year of birth:
In centimeters, 1,40.
She's a bit stressed somtimes, when food comes on. :-P
She don't like so much attention, but if you get close to her, she could be your best friend!
Very lovely. <3
She's missing the balance in the gaits.
We're training her balance in trot, she's getting better! :-)
No competitions.
M: Drybarrows Fancy II
D: Waverhead Flash
MM: Drybarrows Amanda
MD: rybarrows Handy Lad
DM: Barbondale Petal
DD: Lownthwaite Gary
A lovely mare. <3
I'm sorry about my English text errors :-/

It all started sometime in October. The first time I try her was on 10th October 2012. <3

Our history:
21th October 2012
Today I was for the first time out and try her!
We picked her up and her foal in from the fold of drag it into the house, sat Lobby firm and asked her foal, Lino, into the box. They did not really something to it.
She was very easy during opsadlingen. <3
We pulled her out of the house while the owner's husband was inside with Lino and was there for him. Lobby was a bit puzzled about it when we pulled her out, but did not really something to it. Nor Lino.
So we came up on the arena, and we started Lobby got longe, and then we rode a little in it. Slip Deleted little, and then we went at a trot. Nøøøj think I've never felt so comfortable comfortable on a horse! It was really a dream to ride her.
Shortly after we got longen of her, and we walked around the arena. She wanted to go and say hello to my mother and the owner at first, but turned her away from there. Lobby has said that has not been ridden in a period so we took it quietly.
We came to galloppen and she was not exactly happy. She was a little difficult to put underway, and she seemed not quite sure of it, so it must be trained! :-)
We ended up as in step and strode her of a long rein. I asked if I could ride without a saddle, yes it could do that. The owner took the saddle off and I slipped up as usual. Only when I got up, told the owner that there was never anyone had tried it on her! And Lobby said nothing to it! <3 <3

25th October 2012
Today was my first day with her! : 'D And it has just been super!
I started cycling from school and then go to the farm at about 14:45.
I met Michelle (the owner) and so we picked Lobby and her foal Lino into. I began to groom and make Lobby finely decorated, and she's just so cute. <3 She's just the most beautiful hair and beautiful temperament!
Well, we got mane braided really well, and went to war to get the tail fin able. Nøøj it was hard! But made it fairly to see super out: '-)
I also tried to get her to 'pay off' and she is just so talented. : '-)
When we had saddled stood Lino's just in the box, and I pulled her out just to ride the track without problems! My mother had taken SLR camera, so pictures will come later. : '-))
I rode her without problems! She's just really sweet and nice and smoothly! The only thing is that she wants to say hello to Michelle and my mother in the corner. xD
Again, trot great, do not think I ever have felt so safe and as comfortable comfortable on a horse!
My mother would then pick up my younger siblings, and Michelle her children, so they went, and I just had to ride it suited me.
Galloppen was still a little unsure and running, but it goes up by, and she can gallop long period of time!
This here is only the second time I am up at her, and there is already progress!
As we strode by, I pulled her in, saddled by, groomed her, greeted Lino which was still in the box, and so I pulled Lobby with out the arena where we just had a good time, and trained little tricks. <3
We are now beginning the training on kiss, and after 3 times, she understood it roughly: '-) So I got up goodies, and so we enjoyed just. <3
So I dragged her to fold, and went in to get Lino. He was somewhat rough when we were out, but got him into the fold. :-D!
Afterwards I got both praise because it was cool I had done it - it was the first time Lino had been drawn without his mother by himself - and to ride. I'm sure that's Lobby and I will be a good couple. <3

4th November 2012
Today I went out there a little later than usual, had been in Hillingdon and looked at new riding clothes for the winter, etc. ;-)
Met Lobby which was so lazy to get into as always. <3 She's just estimates. : '-)
I had decided to saddle on her today to train her gallop, so Michelle would teach me.
We got Lino into the box, and I got bridle and lunging at the Lobby, and pulled her out to Round Ellen.
I learned it quickly and Lobby did it so well! She was just so good. <3
Galloppen is almost in place well, just need to work out the terms to be to out on the track. ^ ^
We were also trained boom, so she can now trudge almost without any of boom, where previously she jumped over. <3
It was a lovely day. : '-)

Tricks she can:
Lift right leg while I'm doing it
Two stop with my voice
I can turn this body round, without holding in her halter

Tricks we work with:
Lowering speed with voice
Tray without physical contact

Tricks she must learn:
Lift left leg when I do it
Spanish steps
Possibly. lie down

Reply to: Fell | Lobhke van De Koekoekshof ~ My soulmate

  • 8 years ago

    Very beautiful horse!!! And you look very peacefull! Keep going with the nice work!!

  • 8 years ago


  • Alison J

    Created: Jan 2013
    8 years ago

    She looks like a real sweetie. Try half halts to steady her up and improve her outline, balance and paces. This breed is known for being hardy, good doers, long lived, good with people and traffic and can carry a lot of weight for their size. Used to be pack horses (carrying lead ore) and also used for carriage driving as well as being ridden.

  • 8 years ago

    She is wonderfull! (': <3 Love her eyes.... Take a look at Rico if you want.

  • 8 years ago

    Aww thanks everybody!

    Valder, maybe, i tomorrow one of my friends come over and take photos, so maybe tomorrow

  • Valder

    Created: Jan 2013
    Topics: 27
    Replies: 51
    Horses: 2
    Photo albums: 1
    8 years ago

    or a video with all the tricks she have learned.

  • Valder

    Created: Jan 2013
    Topics: 27
    Replies: 51
    Horses: 2
    Photo albums: 1
    8 years ago

    I rated her great

    Really great profile, and great pictures.

    Maybe you´ll create an album

  • Elly

    Created: Feb 2013
    Topic: 1
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    Videos: 4
    8 years ago

    What a lovely pony Your journal is a great idea!

  • Shaz

    Created: Dec 2012
    Reply: 1
    Horses: 1
    Photo albums: 2
    8 years ago

    Welcome to you and your lovely Fell

  • 8 years ago

    Aww thanks! Oh, you do? Uh, that sounds great!
    I'm happy that you would, thanks again!

  • Gillian W

    Created: Jan 2013
    Replies: 23
    Horses: 2
    8 years ago

    Wellcome to you and your lovely Fell pony, they are my favourite breed. I own Waverhead Charm who is now 21 years young and fit as a fiddle. Thank you for all your information, she sounds very willing to learn. Good luck with her and I look forward to hearing more from you!!

  • 8 years ago


  • Clara O

    Created: Feb 2013
    Topic: 1
    Reply: 1
    8 years ago


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