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Date: 2012-12-19

Norwegian Fjord Isak [Form. horse]


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Norwegian Fjord Isak

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145 cm
He is very easy to handle, he has been a horse that was used to handicap riding.
When some people who was a better rider he sometimes was a little stubborn. especially when we took a trip in the forest.
Walk : Lovely easy to follow, he is hard and get to go anywhere tempos than he wants because he's van to be going a steady pace when there are people on his back, because there may be handicapped riders.

Trot: Great! It's crazy easy to follow, he bumps very little, and he is easy to make tempo changes with

Galop: His canter is not ridable. I have not tried myself to gallop on the back of him but when he is on the field snupler he much, and in longe he takes three strides and loses balance ..
No one
I have NO idea :-( i would loove to see it but that's impossible..
He is a danish horse who lives in denmark just like me

I've known Isak for many years and he is the world's most beautiful horse!
I must look after him as holiday horse, so me and a friend traveling to North Jutland in our holidays to fit horses! Isak is of those who have stolen my heart 100%!
he often goes with handicapped which means that he has got some STUPID behavior .. If we're to ride trip. So we won't walk longer than the route would be if there was a handicapped on his back, and then there's just nothing to do. He is more stubborn than me so it often ends with that I must down to him to pull him over the point he did not want to go over and then I can sit back and ride forward it. It does not matter whether we get in step or trot, we will stop there and turn around if I'm not the fastest.

Isak is a perfectly good horse! There is no evil in him. he grew up with handicapped people around him all the time. He is not afraid of wheelchairs, elevator for wheelchairs, carriages, stranger horses, dogs, machines and he is 100% safe in traffic.

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