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Date: 2012-9-29

Other Pachanga´s Patience 2010


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Other Pachanga´s Patience

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So far she's 15,3 ½ hands(162 cm)

Her mother was 16,3 and her father is 16,2 so i guess she will end up being over 16,1 Hands
Shes SOOO much like her mother... Amazing spirit, love humans and trustfull
a very good trot and a really big gallop
Not yet
Sire: Charmeur OLH
SS: Buster Kærgård OLH

Dam: Pachanga DV
DS: Ziwago DV
DDS: Flamingo HOL
A pretty little lady
Her mother was my showhorse(jump) and Im so happy that I have Patience. Her mother passed away in june 2011, and I will always have a little part of her in Patience<3

She is so easy to work with. A loving gentle nature and accept everything i want her to do... Cant wait till spring where we start her future career<3

May 13':
Patience is still a good girl... She can now be ridden a litttle and takes it all extremely well :-)
I havent had any help while getting her used to rider and saddle... Just her and me... And she is being ridden with Dually-Halter and later on it will be with a sidepull...

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  • Claire L

    Created: Jan 2013
    Topics: 2
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    Photo albums: 11
    6 years ago

    Lovely photos, really stunning horses.

  • Vicki Y

    Created: Nov 2012
    Horses: 1
    6 years ago

    Stunning pictures, beautiful horses

  • Lykke *Team TWH*

    Created: Sep 2012
    Topics: 2
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    Horses: 3
    Photo albums: 1
    6 years ago

    As you described yourself - What a pretty little lady.
    She was such a pretty foal, and just as pretty now. You have some very nice pictures - they truly captures her spirit.
    Looking forward to seeing more pictures of this gorgeous little lady.

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