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Date: 2013-2-24

Shire Hainton samurai (Jasper) 2002


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Julie R
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Shire Hainton samurai (Jasper)

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A gentle boy and loves attention but still thinks he is 5 x he's Big but light on his feet and very quick to learn and tries so hard to please x
Happy hacker and done shows now having a go at dressage. Jasper has been shown in hand and ridden as a shire and did well but now we are going to try some coloured classes and dressage. Jasper has also done his lvl 1 parelli and picked it up very quickly.
Sire westgate waldsman
Dam Hainton jellytot
Gelding but is a dad :-)
A lovely boy who I'm so lucky to own. He is pure shire but not at all a plod lol x Jasper has had his ups and downs and last year had to have an operation. I was told I might not be able to ride him again but found a fantastic equine vets that did his operation with amazing results. We have now found a fantastic dressage trainer and enjoying the new challenge. Jasper is picking it all up very quick but sadly his rider isn't as fast learning lol. Things have finally fallen in to place for me and Jasper and I can't wait to show him off this summer x I've owned a few horses in the past but none have made me feel as safe as Jasper does he really is 1 in a million xx

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