Connemara jakey russel (jake) 57 16
Date: 2013-2-22

Connemara jakey russel (jake) 2004

Connemara jakey russel (jake) - say cheeeeeeeez
Connemara jakey russel (jake) - say cheeeeeeeez
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Katelyn N
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Connemara jakey russel (jake)

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about 15hh not to sure:)
lets just say he acts like hes still a little colt sometimes and bucks anround like theres no tomorrow when hes jumping because he loves jumping.
he was the one who gave me the confidence to jump bigger jumps because he just jumps them with style and grace and he can can jump any size you put in front of him:) x
trot-fast because he always in the front of the lesson so he has to go first:)
canter-more like a gallop;)
gallop-can't find out because he's to cheeky on hacks at the moment:L
lets just say i have won more rossettes on this pony then any other of my horses/ponys because will give a clear round at SJ everytime and maybe get the highest marks in dreassage even tho he can be a bit clumsy:
a funny story was we were eating hotdogs outside our riding place and i was standing next jake i turned my head to talk to my mate and then i turned back around he had eaten my hotdog lol:)
cheeky chap:)
a fun loving pony who will give you great confidence in jumping as he will clear them in one easy stride.
also hes so friendly everyone will want to ride him all the time.
hes not much of a hacking pony as he loves to buck after the landing and think that hes a rodeo horse bless him xx

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  • S.A.

    Created: Jan 2013
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    6 years ago

    What a cute face He looks lovely. Great profile and text too

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