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Date: 2013-2-18

Dales Lady 2005


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Dales Lady

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very sweet, she loves kisses but very strong being ridden
very fast walk
bouncy trot
comfy canter
out of control gallop
only local shows, but has just joined pony club! she has never come first at anything because she bolts in the ring:-(
Naughty, but so sweet. She was born on Valentines Day 2005 and i bought her as a 3 year old. She is now eight. I broke her myself and that is probably why she is so naughty haha. but she is improving bless her

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  • 6 years ago


  • Elly

    Created: Feb 2013
    Topic: 1
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    Videos: 4
    6 years ago

    I love your Dales pony. My boy Dexter looked just like your pony. Sadly I lost him a couple of years ago, but he was a lovable rogue right up until the end

  • Pat

    Created: Feb 2013
    Reply: 1
    Horses: 1
    6 years ago

    She looks and sounds lovely. Like my boy a Dales as well can be naughty.

  • Katelyn N

    Created: Feb 2013
    Horses: 8
    6 years ago

    awww looks like my gryff

  • J.S.

    Created: Jan 2013
    Topics: 5
    Replies: 15
    6 years ago

    Looks like you're a great couple

  • S.A.

    Created: Jan 2013
    Topics: 6
    Replies: 26
    6 years ago

    She looks like a great girl! Good look on the bolting

  • Gillian W

    Created: Jan 2013
    Replies: 23
    Horses: 2
    6 years ago

    She is absolutely gorgeous and I bet she is loads of fun!

  • Jess

    Created: Jan 2013
    Topics: 10
    Replies: 12
    Horses: 2
    6 years ago

    Amazing horse! An album for her is a great idea Looking forward to follow you!

  • Valder

    Created: Jan 2013
    Topics: 27
    Replies: 51
    Horses: 2
    Photo albums: 1
    6 years ago

    Welcome Lady, She looks so pretty. You have many great pictures - maybe you could create an album?

  • Clare W

    Created: Feb 2013
    Horses: 1
    6 years ago

    lovely horse, i love the pic of him/her sleeping!!

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