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Date: 2013-2-9

Welsh (sec D) Dexter (Devillin) 2004


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Welsh (sec D) Dexter (Devillin)

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Dexter - 14.3hh
He was so lovely, sweet, kind, softest heart.
he was my angel, a very special boy, my little man was one of a kind.
you would not have met such a well mannered little boy.
he had the softest gaits, so smooth.
got 62% on his first dressage test, so proud of him!!
i dont know.. but he was full welsh D, used as a stalllion for many years of his life till he was rescued.
he was a gelding so male with no balls ahahaha.
Dexter had a really bad start to life he was found in a stable locked up, and used as nothing less than a stallion to create foals that could be sold on for the money.
he was rescued taken to a yard where he was said to be unrideable a maniac, till he was calmed and realised he was really loved. his owner put his for share, a young girl who loved to jump, she took a silly move jumped wet ditch he slipped and broke his back leg, his owner didnt want to let him go, keep him fighting, till he was healed and able to walk again. the vet said he would never be rideable again, he would never jump again, look at him now.
he is an amazing young boy who has so much to live for, we ride to forget the bad days.. that is our way of getting through life.
i love you dexter!

no crit please, this sharer was not me, and i wasnt the owner of him then.
thanks for reading guys.

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