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Date: 2013-1-8

New forest Vangsgaards Vanity 2004


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Line Dalsgaard M
Female - 22 years old
User since: 30/12/2012
- Female - 22 years old - User since: 30/12/2012
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New forest Vangsgaards Vanity

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Year of birth:
She is 145.5
She has a calm and a good temperament.
She can also be a bit Stubborn.
They are all very good.
I Have start many Competitions
F: Marrondales Moscan.

M: Lucinda
She is a very beautiful Mare
I got Vanity den 1 May. She is my Configuration gift, And She is my first pony. I am so Happy for her.
My father had said that I never had to get a horse, only when I was old enough even to pay. But then came the day when I was told. Line You must have your property Pony. I screamed with joy. But there were some conditions. But I was indifferent. Finally Should I have a pony. We looked around and found some beautiful pony. But they were not just me. However, there were 2 I had fallen for. But when the other was one who could not come and and jump higher, since it sprang 140th So I said to myself. Nor one that is hard and has his possessions willing than that, do what is asked. But we took so addition to Vanity. Where I was just sold. My father said, however, that he thought that I should have one already able to jump. But I said no. Vanity is nice and I will take the challenge with teaching her to jump. My dad tried to get me persuaded. But I said it would be Vanity. She was so sweet, Loved to be cuddled.
The day came. How Vanity was home to me. I got off school the. And I biked of all my force to the riding school. There she stood. Vanity, could not understand that I had been Pony owner. There were many who said. Where is she beautiful, I fit super well together. But there were so few who said. You are fucking as too large for the pony. And the fact that she could not anything. I could NEVER teach her something.
But from the day I tried to bevidse that she can do something.
But there came a time. Where you were lame, And you will not jump. And You balked, and began to bite. And I was so upset. I thought the other're probably right. And Then I spoke as a As helped me find confidence. And after it. Is it just only gone up by. You began to have flyvetraven. And you draw really good towards projections compared to when I got you. And I almost can not stop you from jumping. When you are starting to love it. However, when we are out and start are you a little nervous. And I know well enough not know what to do. But it comes. We have already come so far that we need to jump LC ^ ^ And I am super much to it.
Vanity You have taught me a great deal. And I'm proud to be your Owner!
Vanity Is a brown pony with a star on her forehead. Vani has two white codes With a spot on the worth hind legs:-D

Stable - Vani might bite in the barn if there is too much noise. So I usually go into our little house. But she loves to be groomed and cuddled inside the barn. When you clean the hooves must just be good at them when she can find to withdraw them. But it is not so bad anymore.

Dressage - Vani Located in well with bidet. However, you must just work a little at the start.
To begin with (when you stride and traverse hot), you just have a whip with. When she otherwise is very slow. And she does not really want to. But then you can also throw it behind
When you are well underway. Are you doing exercises. When she otherwise gets a little turned on. and begins to run. Before you go to gallop. Should you can make a lot of half parades. When she otherwise runs.
But she's a star when you traverse of And stride of ^ ^

Jumping - Vani is very easy to jump. She pulls incredibly well towards the plunge. But she is a little hard to stop. Therefore, it can not be a beginner to be up and ride.
But when you start the tournament on her. Away from where she was great. Will not she always jumps. It's that I'm about to teach her. But it comes. When I got her she had never jumped. But once she found out that they are not dangerous, she jumps wildly well.

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