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Date: 2013-1-8

Other Mountain Breeze (Ginny) 2007


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Yazi M
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Other Mountain Breeze (Ginny)

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Year of birth:
15.3 hh and still growing
Ginny is extremely calm in-hand. When I ride she can be nappy and sometimes throws a tantrum. She works to please most of the time though. Ginny is an amazing jumper, she has jumped over 5ft when we first got her out of the field and The highest we've done when riding is around 4ft+. Before we got her one of her field mates had her cornered so she jumped 4-5ft from a stand still and ran around for about 30 mins.
She has 3 beautiful gates. She can be very fast and turn on a dime, but getting her to go fast with her getting excited and throwing a buck is kinda hard.
I have won:
1 1st
3 2nds
4 3rds
and a 4th. One second was a gymnkana and so was 2 of the 3rds but the rest are Show Jumping and we have qualified for the UK Riders in 3 different classes.
She's Arab cross Appaloosa. Her Sire is a stallion called Limited Edition, but I don't know her Dam.
Ginny is a dark/liver chestnut. She is absolutely beautiful. She has a blaze which cuts off between her nostrils and then straight after has a snip. Ginny has a sock on each leg and I refuse to cut her feathers. At the moment her tail is short because she flicks her tail and it catches on her fence. The same with her mane, but now it's growing back. Between her back legs where there's no fur she has a load of white spots.

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