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Date: 2013-1-4

Thoroughbred Wee Macgreggor 1992


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Thoroughbred Wee Macgreggor

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Grumpy in the stable, untill you hand over the polos. Loving in the feild, a very polite gentleman. If he was human he would probably wear tweed with a turtle neck. A distinguished old gent.

To ride, well complicated. Queit as a lamb with a begininer and generaly looks to the middle ie me when i take lessons on him. With a more compatant rider he likes to keep them on their toes.

In an open feild he expects to be galoping and is very competative, he will wait if you ask him but he will prance like a 2 year old in protest.
Smooth as silk. he's actuly very well trained by you have to ask him as he is very lazy unless it involved jumping.

Very fast, even as an old codger. Will never forget a comentater saying. "Her mother must be terrified, has anyone told them its not a point to point." Regarding my sister and Greg's pace around a local hunter trial.
Ex heardler, to slow. Trained by Alisson Westwood (ex olimpic show jumper) to event up to 3*. Reteired to a loving pony club home - to prevent my sister from killing herself during an ODE. Not that either of then were particularaly sensible.
Gypsy castle (IRE) Dam
A quirky old boy now mostly living a life of leasure. We have had him for eight fun filled years now, and he turns his hoof at anything.

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