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Date: 2013-1-3

Thoroughbred Cottonwood Bay 1998


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Thoroughbred Cottonwood Bay

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Laid back, forward thinking. He is a horse that was always on your side. I could never carry a whip on him, as it seriously upset him.

Goes first or last, not many TB's are happy to stand around while you shoot the breeese and everyone else is galpoing around you.

In the stables he was a gentle giant, and very soft. Loved men, and mint poppits.
Ground covering, ugly trot, super impulsive canter. Somehwat commited stride, and its always a long one, psooibly because he is as long as a dinosour, and generaly the shortening strides exersise inbetween poles was an exersise in futility, unless there was a nice big fence at the end of it to back him off.

Dressage did a lot to improve his way of going. Including accidentely learning to do a flying change when actuly doing a canter half pass exersise.
Ex Point to point. Dressage, ODE, SJ
Secuteriat grand sire,
Irish breed. Sire Jurado.
Dam: Kildowny lady.
A real old fashioned chaser.

I brought him because I felt sorry for him, and no one else seemed to want a very long ungailnly ex point to pointer with two bowed tendons, and who pulled like a train.

It took two years of schooling and lots of hacking to engage his rear end and stop leaning on my hands. At first he would point blank refuse to jump, probably because of the crashing falls he had at the end of his racing career. But then litraly over the space of one clear round jumping compatition he seemed to realise that coloured jumps were ok, and we were flying. Actuly the bigger the jumps the better he went. In essance we went from not jumping to showjumping 1.20 in the space of a month and he always realy tried.

Along with his compatition career he also helped in the form of animal therepy for children with behavoral dificalties, taking tenage boys for sedate hacks through the countryside and even porviding a long silky neck for them to cry in to.

His proudest moment had to be in his first ODE. We did a very calm dressage test, that i was not particularaly impressed with but due to his lovely consistant rythem somehow we beat all the other fancy horses. Shame he decided he did not like the second fence in the show jumping after a lovely fast clear XC. Woods' never got to grips with white fillers, after his point to point days he probably thought i was trying to get him to jump the wing.

Unfortunatly he was kicked by a horse while turned out and had to be put to sleep last year. He was a once in a life time horse.

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