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Date: 2014-5-21

Hanoverian Sapphire Salut 2008


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Imogen R
Female - 22 years old
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- Female - 22 years old - User since: 26/12/2012
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Hanoverian Sapphire Salut

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Year of birth:
~ 16.2hh
Stable, kind, energetic personality, willing to learn and extremely intelligent.
Sapphire is always head of the field and makes it her job to protect those that cannot defend themselves.
On a good day she is very co-operative and won't step a foot out of place.
She pretends that she hates cuddles, but inside she's just a big sloppy giant.
Very nice, natural, elegant movement.
None so far
The Diamond line
Hanoverian x Danish warmblood
Typically moody
Sapphire was the first advertisement I saw when looking for my first horse, however my parents said that they would not be able to afford her, I soon forgot I had seen the advert.

After 11 other viewings of other horses and not found the right one, I found Sapphire's advert again and immediately asked for my trainer's opinion on her. Soon after my parents allowed me to go and try her out.

The very first time I rode her, she spooked (within around 5 mins of me getting on) and I fell badly onto clay ground. After the viewing I guess I was crazy enough to say I wanted to buy her XD

Now that we trust each other, I couldn't ever ask for a better horse, She has heaps of potential to do anything. She's come on so far.

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