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Date: 2013-11-7

Warmblood Rascal Egeskov [Form. horse] 2005


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Josephine Gullberg
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Warmblood Rascal Egeskov

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He is an attentive gelding that there is attention to all things. He is a bit of a special boy who can not be approach by many different people, and who like to self-manage things around him.
But all in all he is a super nice horse that really goes right in the heart of one!
Very nice! :-)
However, no one with me, but with the owner, he has undergone any dressage competitions
Dad: Blue Horse Don Romantic

Mom: Remember
Rascal is daily called "Skalle".
He is an incredibly good horse , whom I have known by now for a long time , but only after the last year I have started to ride him , actually only after he moved up on Coltsfoot , but then he moved back to vibekær and now says he looked at KAR again where he thrives very well so far . I have now been offered a spring party at the lovely Skalle , which I'm really grateful ! He is a boy who is fantastic, he has helped me through the difficult times of Avanti , where I was allowed to fit roach bit , which I'm super happy !

Skalle is a special horse as well even want to control things and it's also not all the people he likes , actually there are not as many nor as to ride him , so I was one of the very fortunate , however, had me and skull also a great match for how far we had to or not and that I should be eaten or kicked in the stable time, however, I took it easy and gave him time to teach me and know and vice versa. But now you can just see it all now given up steps and I can now ride him in walk, trot and canter ! However, he rides now that he is lame ... so now we just wait for that soon I can start a party for him , which I am incredibly much ! :-)

When me and Skalle have mastered dressage , we need calm and quiet start to jumping with Michael Ladegaard , to start the weekend with some gymnastic jump

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