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Date: 2013-11-7

Arabian Horse Shaman RIP 1992


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Josephine Gullberg
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Arabian Horse Shaman RIP

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Year of birth:
150-160 about, we do not know how he is
he should be a mare
nothing to shout aloud
not with me but with his own riding distance
Mom: Soannja

Dad: Grimaldi
Shaman is a super nice guy who is really time in still , though that one is old then you should still stick to that "life is like a party ."
Shaman is my beautiful lovely part horse that I have much pleasure from , he has really got my courage up again after Avanti he was killed . He my best friend, and I 'm sure that anyone who is joined to each other.
I tried Shaman d April 29, 2012 , but only started really on him on May 6 , two days after my confirmation . In the time I have had a party on the shaman , he really taught me a lot , he has taught me to have patience and that things are going to get on one point , he has taught me what is right or wrong , all in all , I learned a lot from him and learn still in him .

Shaman is not just a horse that you just go on and say or think , so now we have two just one and must ride out into the blue and set expectations. No, far from it, it has taken us a long time and we are still a long way we work and struggling to find each other still and to get the trust in each other , but we trust each other but we know far apart yet .
If I'm going to push him too much , then rears he or bows he this , however, we started to work on , however, one must also just remember that he is old elderly gentleman , but as it is said that he is old elderly gentleman , one can certainly not feel it on him , he loves a lot of arable rout out in blue and lark , he seems at least even that life is partying .

Shaman is not just a horse for me , no, he 's my best friend, my diamond. Although we have our downs, so we struggle on.
Our fight has so far cost us , tear, joy, anger, smile, laugh and what else is ! but we are still fighting on to reach the infinite goal that we are sure that we will find one day!
No matter what other people think or say , I love him for who he is and what we have together!

shaman comes from finland ( helsinki ) , and was exported to Denmark in 1995, when the lone his owner bought him directly from .

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