Welsh (sec B) Billbo 4.87 9
Date: 2013-9-17

Welsh (sec B) Billbo 2009

Welsh (sec B) Billbo - Summer 2013
Welsh (sec B) Billbo - Summer 2013
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Welsh (sec B) Billbo

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The more we work together, the more relaxed Billy is. He can be cheeky but he's only four. He's usually quiet but can be easily wound up if the rider is.
Billy has 3 very nice paces however when excited his trot becomes a run.
Because of his age and our confidence together, we have not done any eventing as of yet. However we have been cross country training and Billy really flew round and enjoyed it!
Billbo's passport states his Mother and Father but i do not have his passport at the moment so could not say.
Billbo, or Billy, is a very pretty registered Black Welsh Cob.
I have had Billy almost 15 months now and in that time we've come so far together. When i bought him as a 3 year old, he had been used as a companion for a two years, quietly hacked out and been to clear round jumping once or twice. I quickly found out he needed a lot of training when he bucked me off the first time i rode him.

Recently, a very safe Cob plod has helped me to get my confidence back and that was the start of a new ride. When i got back on Billbo after not riding him for a while, he was like a different pony. I was relaxed so he was relaxed, i was quiet so he was quiet and he was happy to do as i asked - unlike when i got him!

Billy has shown he's not bothered by any traffic and that he can be very fast when asked. He's also shown he has a very bold jump when pushed into a jump properly. We jump a variety of colored homemade show jumps and a few xc jumps us to 2ft - clearing them with ease. Billbo also loves a good gallop around our stubble field, bucking and bucking broncos in with his gallops.

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