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Other Prins R.I.P

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Prins was about 160 cm tall.
He was a very calm horse, though he could be very angry in his box. This because he got a fist right in the head when he was a little colt, because his gums were itching, so he tried to bite my great-grandfather.
But besides that, he was a very good horse.
Walk: Average.
Trot: Average.
Canter: Average.
None with me or my mother, but he have been started by another rider many years ago - think it's about 12-14 years ago.

His mother was a mare we had many years ago, she was a mix of some pony breeds, and her name was Musse.
His father was an unknown Danish Warmblood stallion.
Prins, or in english Prince, was a lovely, white horse. He was my mothers horse.
We had the joy of Prins in 19 years, so I've known him a big part of my life. It was my great-grandmother and my great-grandfather who bred him. My mother taught Prins all the things he could.
He could exercises up to LA in dressage (danish level, I don't know what it's in other countries), and with rider he have jumped 140 cm many years ago.
Prins was mainly used in dressage, a little bit of show jumping and rides in the forest. In the last of his years, we didn't jump so high anymore, because he was an elderly horse, and he had had an injury.
If there was something Prins LOVED it was - as you probably can see on his profile - tilting at the ring :) He LOVED it, and I wish we had done it some more.

Prins had had a fork tape damage (I don't know what 'Gaffelbåndsskade' is called in english, so hurray for google translate x3), and it took two years and a lot of money, but we ended up having a great riding horse again :) He had to have protecting boots on when we were riding, so he didn't get damaged again.
It wasn't sure that we could ride him again, but we were lucky, and with the treatment he got, he was as good as new.

Prins also loved a good gallop on the great meadows around here :)

On March 18th 2014, Prins was diagnosed with PPID, or Cushings.
We chose to medicate him, and he lived well on this for many months.

Unfortunately, on October 9th 2014, Prins got ill, and the vet couldn't say what was wrong.
We fought for him in three days, but he didn't get any better, so on October 12th 2014, it was decided together with the vet, that he should be put down.

I really miss him in my life, it's still strange that he's not coming when we're calling on Frida.

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