Icelandic Horse Frigg frá Fruehøj 5.37 11
Date: 2013-7-24

Icelandic Horse Frigg frá Fruehøj 1999

Icelandic Horse Frigg frá Fruehøj - Taken few hours before our first show!
Icelandic Horse Frigg frá Fruehøj - Taken few hours before our first show!
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Katja&Frigg (Equitandi)
Female - 24 years old
User since: 30/06/2013
- Female - 24 years old - User since: 30/06/2013
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Icelandic Horse Frigg frá Fruehøj

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132 with shoes.
Frigg have two sides of her.

When she's with the other horses, she is the calm and easygoing Frigg who is a little nervous too and you shouldn't make big movements around her. She can easily be a little bit scared and requires a soft hand.

The other part of Frigg is when we take her away from her herd. She is the leader and is suffering from separation anxiety. She is the worried leader, and by that I mean that she is afraid the herd won't survive without her. She become extremely determined and can be very dangerous too if you don't watch out and know what you're doing. I'm training hard with her to learn her that there isn't anything to be afraid of.
She have 5 gaits. But I'm only interested in walk, trot and canter.
No, we don't do that stuff.
F: Edall fra Hólum
M: Spöng fra Sigridarstödum
FF: Feykir fra Hafsteinsstödum
FM: Eldey fra Hólum, Hjaltad
MF: Hervar fra Saudárkróki
MM: Dimbrá fra Sigridarstödum
FFF: Raudur fra Kolkuósi
FFM: Toppa fra Hafsteinsstödum
FMF: Þáttur fra Kirkjubæ
FMM: Elja fra Hólum
MFF: Blossi fra Saudárkróki
MFM: Hervör fra Saudárkróki
MMF: Sómi fra Hofsstödum
MMM: Ljónslöpp fra Grindum
Ooooh.. My horse. I love her, more than anything in the whole wide world.

We have been through both good and bad times and we are actually very alike. We are both afraid to be alone, and we both have trust issues. We have a hard time letting people know who we REALLY are. We are both a little nervous around other horses and humans but together we know each other that well that we aren't scared of each other anymore.

3 years ago I got a natural horsemanship book. Since that I started getting interested in trick training and groundwork and now I get lessons in classical dressage too..

Frigg and I move everyday and develop together. She truly is my partner in crime. Although I don't know how much crime we do.

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