Lusitano Macho De José 6.07 19
Date: 2013-7-24

Lusitano Macho De José [Form. horse] 2005

Lusitano Macho De José - Wunderful Danish Snow land
Lusitano Macho De José - Wunderful Danish Snow land
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Lusitano Macho De José

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165 cm
I think the best word to describe Macho is Gentleman.
He is newly neutered so he's still pretty stallion in his temper.

But he has a Spanish upbringing with make him well behaved and make it a pleasure to work with him.
Typical spanish.
High knee.

Still a little tense but it gets better and better.
Not jet. But hopefully we will be ready for November.

His papers disappeared in transport between Italy and the Netherlands.
The only thing I have is the Italian transportation papers and a Dutch passport with Unknown Pedigree.

But after A long time looking ón the internet, we have found his burn mark. And we found out that he is A Lusitano.. Great news..
Gelding - but he still believes he is a stallion.
It was supposed that I should have ridden him until he was sold. But after my first ride i was sold! I asked for the prize and bought him.

I known him since he came to the stable in March, but only ridden him in a month and I already sure we will make it well together.

I promise to write more about him in time.

Unfortunately Macho was put to sleep in the autumn of 2015.
He had many cases of colic and a tendon injury in October contributed to the decision to kill him.
It was a very hard decision as I continue to ask myself whether it was right.
He was a very special horse with a heart of gold and with a personality I have never met with other horses.

I miss him every day even if it's over a year since he went off to the eternal pastures.

Always in my heart. Always remembered - never forgotton!

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