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Date: 2013-6-16

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New forest Marrondales Michelangelo

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Miche is 139,5 cm :)
A great size for me <3
Miche is so good in his head..
He's always trying to help his rider, and whatever there happens he's doing everything with the heart :)
He had been to a grading where he get 8878 77 868 8 ... So proud ;)

Walk: slowly and comfortable :)

Trot: It's slowly too, but when there came a barrier he's trot will be faster :) It's a good one with great motions <3

Canter: sometimes it's too slowly, but when he gets start it's a perfect canter with beautiful motions, and when we jump he always jump perfect :)
We had been to some competitions, but only in show jumping and dressage:

We had start some LD with good results and 1st prices :) Then we had been to LC too, we with great results too and some 1st and 2nd prices... In LB he haven't get prices.. Not jet, but when he came well again we'll try :D

In Dressage we had tried, but he doesn't like like Show jumping, so we haven't get any prices, cuz he's not so fast, but one day it will came :P
S: Anydale Martien

SS: Paloh
SD: Anydale Marike
SSS:Priory Prickle
SSD:Broomy Perfection
SDS: Mermaids Jeroen
SDD: Wendy
SSSS: Tomatin Golden Gorse
SSSD: Prioly Polyantha
SSDS: Broomy Slipon
SSDD: Broomy Dora
SDSS: Burton Honey´s Sportsman
SDSD: Warren Mermaid
SDDS: Emir
SDDD: Hippos Linda

D: Sturkenboom´s Lente

DS: ** Monday´s Moscan
DD: Gales Head´s Spetter
DSS: Merrie Moscan
DSD: Monday´s Miracle
DDS: Queenswood Solomon
DDD: Chatrien
DSSS: Merrie Mercury
DSSD: Merrie Moth
DSDS: Mockbeggar Firefly
DSDD: Undiscovered Beauty
DDSS: Sweethills Tango
DDSD: Blue Gentian Cherrie Pie
DDDS: Sweet William
DDDD: Ijsselforest Rocket
He's a Beautiful Gelding, but sometimes he protect the mares he's share the Field, like he was a Stallion :D
Miche is the original type of a New Forest :)
He is so lovely and kind, and he always want to make people around happy, and let them know he is here :D
He had been sick since April with a late, and he should wait undtil Febraury, but he had been rode few times, which he enyoued as much as i did :)
Even when it's cold and he is really happy, he nevver woul dhurt anyone!!
I yhink the most important things for him is:
Food, mares (he isn't a stallion, but he still loves mares) and people who love him and take care of him <3

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